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Ingo Sternitzke – Board, managing director

More than simply a trend

Sustainability of laboratories is facing international challenges due to varied standard levels and plurality of regulations even ending up with unequal assessment methods. It’s nourished by alternate approaches, involvements and appreciations, indicating a clear need for continued development towards international coordination for the future.
Despite international differences, there is a mutual essential demand for innovations committed to modern approaches and prospective technologies. This is especially for high-technology buildings with next generation laboratories which will be used interdisciplinary, continuous project changing and subsequent goals for experiments.
Laboratory (4.0) future necessarily requires new developments and looking for game-changing innovations. Those innovations will be founded on technologies including smart interactive materials and systems using especially IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS), cloud communication and cross-international services.
EGNATON is aware of international necessity and own responsibility to link and engage conceivable stakeholders with focus on safety and sustainable laboratories. There is enormous demand for state-of-the-art information exchange and best practice data. The partnering with global organizations is desired and essential.


Ingo Sternitzke
President EGNATON

Paul Lodewijckx, Vice President

As a Project Manager for laboratory projects at a Belgian University I am obliged to work with very tight budgets. At the same time, sustainability issues demand considerations to be made in a broader perspective and not mere in means of investment. Joining Egnaton offers me the possibility to enter a European network of experts who deal with these problems on a daily basis. It brings me into contact with reference projects outside my university or country and helps me to define the proper answers to these questions imposed. 

 Paul Lodewijckx

Paul Lodewijckx
Vice President

Egbert Dittrich, Board Member and Managing Director

Sustainability can be defined as the  strategy based on an enthusiastic Mother-Nature based  view of ecological philosophies. The aim of sustainability is to achieve economical growth by achieving reconciliation between the environment the human concerns and needs. Our entire behavior has to be adjusted according to this principle in order to ensure, simultaneously, a way of life for future generations that guarantees prosperity, health, wellbeing and a healthy environment  
In my personal surroundings – the laboratory world - I am working on behalf of future sustainable solutions, and according my opinion, sustainable products and processes can only be found when  within the scope of sustainable operations. Therefore it is eminently important to design research sites to operate sustainably.  It is for this reason I would like to contribute to these aims with my work on behalf of EGNATON. 

Egbert Dittrich

Egbert Dittrich
Board Member and Managing Director