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EGNATON makes itself the goal of providing for sustainable European laboratory technologies international Leadership.

The initiative promotes the location Europe as high-efficient science place with excellent and sustainable laboratory buildings, which represent a maximum attractiveness for high end scientists.

EGNATON stands for:

  • smaller life cycle costs, extended life cycles, and smaller insurance premiums,
  • Increase in value of the real estate, higher productivity,
  • Improved image of the laboratory technology,
  • Reduced operator risks, location security,
  • Positive influences on health of the users,
  • Reduced effects on cultural environment, environment and local structures and
  • Preservation of resources.

Request of the Society


  • The initiative obtains a paradigm shift in the public acknowledgment of laboratory sciences, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and life sciences.
  • EGNATON turns to all enterprises, organizations, public and institutional laboratory operators, those with the planning and the enterprise of laboratories are concerned and recruit their membership.
  • EGNATON appeals for the membership of persons and associations at home and abroad, who dedicate themselves to the goals of sustainable laboratory technologies.
  • EGNATON works for a world-wide network the sustainability sees itself obligated.
  • EGNATON wants to prevent the politicization of the sustainability thought, in order to arrange thereby „sustainability also sustainable “. It is necessary to promote and develop technologies and initiate relevant research projects.
  • EGNATON works consciously in the international context in order to prevent single-handed attempts and to gain a harmonization of the valuation criteria from sustainable laboratory technologies.

Pathway to the Future


  • EGNATON concentrates the efforts around sustainable affecting the processes and technologies in the laboratory.
  • EGNATON consults.
  • EGNATON concentrates market power in Germany and Europe and participates actively in the development of inevitable certification systems with the goal of making German and European sets of rules therein international standards.
  • EGNATON converts the three columns of sustainability, i.e. operating cost lowering (economy) ecological safety and sociocultural working into recommendations for action and concepts for planners, operators and users.
  • EGNATON creates the condition, in order to make criteria of sustainability of standardization procedures with DIN (FNLa) and CEN.
  • EGNATON determines bench marks for laboratory enterprises, analyzes the reasons for positive and negative results and makes these accessible for the members.
  • EGNATON creates the platform for an international exchange with a congress in Germany